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Jinhua International Hotel - Kunming (Jinhua International Hotel Kunming), Kunming City Centre, guangdu District Beijing Road, Tower Business Building Lin Li, Commodity shopping, Traffic and gastronomical many.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Food and Casino Shopping 360 °rich Industry, to bring you a different New experience near dayue City, South Ping Street, Kimberley Chicken Fang, near room, New Southwest, justice Fang, Henglong SquareL 'horloge est à portée de main.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.'Sommeil' comme objectif, est un voyage d 'affaires, de tourisme et de loisirs de qualité choix.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Je t 'aime, c' est la vie que je voudrais, simple et tranquille, avec toi.
le hall de l 'hôtel est occupé 24 heures sur 24, les services de sécurité, les services du Protocole, etc.Fournir des conseils locaux de qualité et stratégie de voyage.
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Commentaires Plus
  • xiacong1972
    Good satisfaction will come again next time haha
  • ayamood
    Good, good
  • amber_fox
  • liliming1220
    Rooms at once, very good, so they recommend others to live, take the airport shuttle bus is very convenient, they go out, that is, price is a little expensive
  • gourdbelts
    A large space, outdated facilities, take forever to find to find the fire wood, TV 90 's old guys, can't use the remote control, from the bus near the airport, and convenient transportation.
  • lswy188
    Very convenient, below the airport bus, it was near the train station
  • mely214
    Environment, service very good, nice, next time come live here.
  • tongguo
    From Kunming railway station is very close, downstairs is the airport bus station and travel convenience, multiple occupancy, but this time is thief Apple mobile phone stolen, still not heard! the security is a problem, you need to give everyone a heads up---thief-proof, also had their own guard well.
  • bwb0077
    That's good
  • lcl2006
    Very close to the train station, very convenient, take a taxi to the city centre is the start price, room was very good
  • sjsj50816466
    Hotel location was excellent, near from the train station, big room, Interior is good,
  • liang_bjmu
    Honestly, the hotel is very old, upscale hotel in 90 's of the last century, so facilities a bit dated, for a price of 288 however can also, in the vicinity of the Kunming railway station, and convenient transportation.
  • dj1112
    Overall I feel very good
  • Liddell
    Decor is old, but really worth living
  • fanjunfa2002
    Facility is too bad, price is OK, is convenient for the airport and train station
  • Er Yie
    Chan, downstairs airport is fast, convenient and affordable
  • e04107531
    General administrative, facility is old than fine..
  • marseline
    Hotel is near the Kunming railway station, downstairs there is an airport bus, very convenient. health but rooms needs to be improved, the found a cockroach in the bathroom, in the hope of improvement as soon as possible!
  • enigma1120
    In addition to the hotel was a little old, indoor air conditioning not cooling temperature not reached 28 degrees, is quite good, and next door is the Jinjiang hotel, go out can take the airport bus, one can see the railway station
  • E00229074
    All right
  • mingx119
    Hotel room General hotel facilities General Services General Environment General
  • jiajianrong
    It's OK
  • cc-bj
    Great location, just minutes from the train station, and the airport bus is downstairs, so catch a flight the next day is also more convenient. facilities in old, online rooms floors is not very ideal, others can also.
  • iamjelly
    Accommodation in very comfortable, difference in equipment and a bit of publicity, according to customer needs
  • A1222750025
    Hotel facilities old. is convenient to the airport, there is an airport bus at the door.
  • jimmy.yuan
    So so
  • april_lww
    Convenient, near the train station, airport bus right down in. but the bath faucet water is too small.
  • Janeway
    Hotels in specialty supermarkets, shopping is very convenient
  • oldwino
    Comfortable, quiet, a five-star experience!
  • carolra
    Very affordable
  • ivybblang
    Hotel location very good
  • joy527
    Stay up to 1/2015 arabien. utilizes around the hotel on a business trip in China, but here whereas the price, clean and the service was passable passing (the front desk didn't speak English...). In, the location is excellent! Said to be ideal for locations near Kunming railway station and airport shuttle bus stop and act... just... Breakfast was coldTeitei my Chi. Notes the thin walls of the room, and hear the sound of the television in the next room, in the middle of the night... but was satisfied in total.
  • C12659126
    Room was very clean
  • e01152377
    Help colleagues said no air conditioning and no hot water. because this position, specifically boutique room still so poor
  • yaoyaol453
    Next to the airport bus, very convenient
  • danliu
    Windows is bad, the room is relatively small, with pictures feel disappointed, but location is very convenient.
  • lucfsir
    As always, that special room, nothing changes, cheap.
  • CarnivoreRifle
    Is located near the train station, very poor and room facilities, service and horrible, bad hotel, not anymore
  • E01395302
    Good price good location is real! but 28 degrees at noon room can not turn on the air conditioner really want to close the dead! well want to change Hotel Oh! to fan hotel is the first time I try!
  • coolwater
    Nice, but the service is not very timely, surrounding traffic is convenient, there is an airport bus, near the train station
  • alexliang
    Good convenient to the train station, only a few minutes walk from ... is very convenient to the airport, airport bus at the hotel on the edge of. sunny room, living feeling good.
  • lifeng1101
    Generally, condition of facilities is not ideal, price not in proportion.
  • guaiguaitu118
    Hotel is near the train station, is the Airport Express line at the door, on the whole, the traffic is very convenient, but service not so good!
  • jusTicetan
    Room was very clean, I feel pretty good! Very close to the train station.
  • but_no
    All right
  • luciali987
    Very comfortable hotel, the most important line is the Airport Line 2 starting downstairs, and from the railway station, it is very convenient!
  • fantasy9527
    Is the home of the old hotel, facilities, service great, price proved to be in Kunming. but convenient is a highlight. railway station a few minutes walk, bus stop is just opposite, the airport bus Line 2 line at the door
  • janey304
    Vision and Executive rooms newly renovated beautiful, the traffic is very convenient, downstairs is the airport bus station snack around quite a lot
  • eagleeyed
    Hotel is located near the train station, the environment was a mess. room, newly renovated, facilities good. is poor service and poor management.
  • jissera
    OK, great.