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2019 change of China's hotel industry

Date: 2018-12-21

1 century 20 years, is 20 years of reform and opening-up, China's hotel industry prone to 20 years.In the future, China's hotel industry and how to change?On November 27, 2018, the third China international conference in the hotel industry and hainan food festival on the BBS, association invited hotel association, vice President of China, Beijing capital tourism (group) co., LTD. Home inns hotel general manager sun chien for the topic of "China's hotel industry in 2019, change" to share.

China hotel association, vice President,

Beijing capital tourism home inns hotel (group) co., LTD. General manager sun chien

The 20 years since the 21st century, 20 years of reform and opening-up, China's hotel industry in 20 years.

During this period, the scale of China's hotel industry has experienced the first of their age, gave birth to three of the world's top ten hotel group;Also experienced marketing first platform guest era, formed three level members equivalent consumption cluster.These remarkable progress and achievement, under the trend of rapid development in China;While facing the consumer classification and consumers based on the new market, in the future more comprehensive three-dimensional business ecosystem, multidimensional products need to be rich experience actually passed on to consumers, a new ground for the age of the king is open.

A change, industry products in the future: consumption stratification of upgrade

At present, the hotel industry's perception of consumer upgrades, has high reaction on mid-range hotel explosive growth.And when we think up, product consumption classification could be a much more great demand of fission.

In the product above classification of consumption upgrade, or will become the future direction of China's hotel industry with more deep.Consumer upgrades, in other words, is not the end of the last generation of product market and complete replacement, spell is a good example.Field from cities to the country, has a different degree of consumption upgrade requirements, so we're going to grade of consumption, must have the appropriate product segmentation to satisfy more rich people.

More specifically, the consumption of budget hotel upgrade does not mean no market for cheap products.In OYO India, for example, its development is aimed at the 345 line, small hotels in these cities have a large number of monomer.OYO can help independent hotels progress through technical assignment.This way makes the India company got a softbank, sequoia fund investment and number of the hotel by the end of this year has reached three thousands.

In fact, many large enterprises is the understanding of the market is not enough in-depth and accurate and ignores the part of the potential market.If the enterprise can focus their market, give consumers the matching product content, the way of existence of great composition.

Second, the change of industry enterprises in the future: operation is king, efficiency is king

China doesn't lack creativity also no shortage of creative content, but creativity can be born rarely, after landing to operate the creative essence of less.

Hardware and services together, complement each other, it is a long time since the label stick in China hotel industry.Therefore, in addition to the customer to provide the most basic clean and safe facilities, for the hotel industry, more attention should be paid to hotel software and hardware compatibility, in order to the user experience can still close to, and even beyond the consumer expectations.

Now we are running on big scale, wide product above run, new technologies, crossover and sharing, not just the icing on the cake decoration, these should become more appreciative of the customer hotel, extension to more accurate optimal addition to the new value.And hotel operations should also be more solid and lasting from people, adhering to the professional responsibility, the depth of the two groups focus on customers and employees, looking for more vitality in their contact point ground operations and service innovation.

Hotel industry is a labor-intensive industry, as China's demographic dividend has disappeared, quality and quantity of the hotel staff are faced with enormous challenges, how to through the Internet, the Internet of things, the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robot, gradually changing the hotel's operating environment and improving operation efficiency, and let more young people are willing to enter this industry, let they create here with other industries, like the life value of the Internet and emerging industries.

The age of the product first, quality experience is big, the Chinese hotel industry needs better pull China service this banner, quickly adapt to the development of Chinese economic and social changes in the way, will be there for the people of different consumption.This is why China hotel association has for years been advocated by the "structural transformation, improve quality" new ideas.We need to have this consciousness, industry need more enterprise actively adapt to the change of business environment, grasp the initiative in the wave of transformation, it is also the mission of China's hotel industry will inevitably.